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What business issues does Docurated solve?

over 3 years ago

Everybody agrees the right story wins the deal. Unfortunately, everyone also agrees that not all reps can tell that story … and no reps can tell the right story every time.

Sales and marketing leaders have basically thrown up their hands, thinking they’ll never be able to fix the problem because there’s a misunderstanding between the two organizations: sales doesn’t realize how much high value content marketing has created for them; marketing doesn’t appreciate how many different situations sales finds themselves. The end result is lost deals and wasted marketing budgets.

Docurated solves this problem by providing companies with an easy to use solution that ensure reps will actually use all the great content marketing creates.

Marketing creates content. Using all the right ideas, stories, and pictures from across your organization, Docurated:

· Understands the context of a sales situation

· Searches through millions of pages of content across multiple repositories

· Visually displays the content so reps can grab appropriate pieces, stick them onto a clipboard for Docurated to automatically format and build the presentation.

So you have a better-tailored presentation, using marketing-approved content, in a tenth the time.