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How is Prophet CRM different?

over 3 years ago

How is Prophet CRM different from other CRMs?

Vendor Responses

Response by Prophet CRM

10 months ago

The primary difference is Prophet CRM is embedded in Microsoft Outlook, not merely integrated. Integrated tools require syncing and re-syncing data between two applications. However, Prophet CRM works inside Outlook, allowing it to leverage existing and expand upon Outlook data with the hassle of switching applications and syncing. In addition, because Prophet CRM is embedded inside Outlook, it can monitor all Outlook-based activities real-time and automatically associate those activities to the appropriate sales opportunity. Because this happens automatically, it requires less work for for sales team, and captures more comprehensive and timely data regarding your sales processes. This in turn leads to better insight and understanding of your sales processes.

In addition to it's unique relationship with Outlook, Prophet CRM offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to track and mange customer relationships and opportunity management.