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Why does Necto put so much emphasis on infographics as its visualization layer?

about 3 years ago

I see that you guys have great charts and graphs but you specifically highlight the infographics, why?

Vendor Responses

Response by Panorama Necto

about 2 years ago

We are actually enhancing visualization of data through customizable, interactive and dynamic dashboards that let users explore data in the most intuitive and business oriented way through charts and infographics that can be clicked for quick drill-down into any layer of data, even a single cell.

Necto provides anyone in the organization the ability to understand and act on business insights very fast. Infographics are easier to understand by everyone in the organization viewing them, can be personalized for each business, and users are more likely to remember the data after.

“Necto received high scores for the richness of its Advanced Data Visualization” - Forrester