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Is Prophet CRM a comprehensive enterprise CRM?

almost 3 years ago

Is Prophet CRM a comprehensive enterprise CRM?

Vendor Responses

Response by Prophet CRM

about 2 years ago

No. Prophet CRM is not a generic CRM designed to manage globally manage a customers entire life-cycle. Prophet CRM is a superior sales pipeline management tool. Prophet CRM is primarily designed for small to mid-sized sales teams wanting better insight and understand of their sales pipeline and account status so they can maximize their sales revenues without overburdening their team with CRM-related administrative tasks.

Many of our customers come to us after trying these more "expansive" CRMs, or CRMs that are part of an ERP or other system because they cannot get their team to use these systems. The bottom line is most people work in Outlook all day, everyday to manage their customer correspondence and meetings. Having an CRM that leverages and expands upon those activities people already perform in Outlook helps drive high levels of user adoption. High user adoption results in better sales data, less deals falling through the cracks, better insight into why success occurs, and ultimately higher sales revenues.