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How adaptable is RELEX?

almost 3 years ago

Can I modify RELEX to match my unique supply chain planning needs? Can I integrate RELEX to my ERP?

Vendor Responses

Response by RELEX

over 2 years ago

Every feature of our cloud-based software can be easily adapted to your needs. Our customers are able to make all the day-to-day changes to their SCM solution without our help. Users can modify the user interface, as well as the business logic without coding. The core of the software adapts to changing requirements during, or even after, the implementation – without custom code. Customers rarely need help managing or configuring the system but we’re there whenever they do.

RELEX is easy to integrate with your existing ERP software thanks to out-of-the-box interfaces to the most common systems and flexible APIs. On average, the technical implementation takes just weeks. To date we’ve integrated RELEX with over 30 ERP systems, including all of the best-known solutions on the market.