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over 2 years ago

Why should I choose RELEX software to transform my supply chain planning?

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Response by RELEX

about 2 years ago

By automating your forecasting and replenishment with RELEX you can reduce inventory levels by up to 30%, minimize lost sales and cut spoilage by up to 40%. This enables you to free up your time to create more value, transform your bottom line and grow your business.

Advanced forecasting and replenishment combined with the performance of in-memory computing and cutting-edge automation tools makes RELEX's cloud-based software the world’s most powerful and comprehensive supply chain planning solution.

Advanced technology makes adapting to change quick and easy. Rapid technical specifications and implementations enable agile projects that let you focus on your business goals. As customers' businesses evolve, RELEX adapts effortlessly – no coding or consultancy required.

Thanks to RELEX's Software as a Service (SaaS) model, there’s no need for upfront investments in hardware or licenses. We take pride in delivering real, measurable value to our customers. As a sign, we share our customers’ risks with our success-dependent and transparent agreements. As our customers reach full ROI in months rather than years, choosing RELEX is an easy decision.