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Onboarding Processes

over 2 years ago

What does the setup process look like?

Vendor Responses

Response by Shopgate

almost 2 years ago

The level of provided setup will depend on the Shopgate package selected for a merchant’s needs, however all integration setup is handled in onboarding regardless of the package selected. After sign-up, one of our Onboarding Success Managers will contact you to discuss app expectations, how your current desktop features will translate, and launch timeline. After setting up needed integrations, your OSM will then walk you through our platform features and marketing tools to make sure you’re comfortable working with the Shopgate platform. Post launch, your OSM will also provide additional mobile tips, tricks, and support for 30 days before transitioning you to our main Support team. Shopgate also provides additional setup, design, and marketing services—please contact a Shopgate representative for more details.