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How do you provide the 50mbps for the Pro package? Our internet speed is only 30mbps right now at our office. How does that speed get bumped up to 50? (or 250 or 1000 for that matter).

over 2 years ago

It’s important to understand that connectivity correlates to a hosted private cloud environment in two ways.

1. The connection you have to the Data Center.

1a. This is your business or personal Internet Connection. It’s important to have a connection that meets or exceeds our recommendation of 1-2mb per user.

1b. The only data going over this connection is PCOIP traffic, which simply draws pictures on your screen of the activity occurring in real time at the Data Center.

2 The connection your hosted desktop has going out of the Data Center.

2a. This is the actual connection your desktop experience will use to browse the web, send and receive emails and other peer to peer/internet based tasks.

2b. At the data center level Nerdio utilizes eight Enterprise level and extremely large up/down connections to the internet, supplied by numerous vendors, and running in what we call a blend to allow for redundancy in case one of the connections fails.