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almost 4 years ago

Does VNS3 work in public clouds? Private clouds?

Vendor Responses

Response by VNS3:net

almost 2 years ago

You can launch VNS3 free and Lite editions right now in most clouds. For links to clouds with public marketplace listings, visit:

Try VNS3 now for free in the <a href="https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00THF220U" >Amazon AWS Marketplace</a> or in the

<a href="https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/partners/cohesive/cohesiveft-vns3-for-azure/">Microsoft Azure Marketplace </a>

Google Compute Cloud – Cohesive Networks can share a ready-to-run VNS3 images directly to your Google cloud account. (Cohesive.net/GCE)

IBM Softlayer Image catalogue (visit <a href="https://cohesive.net/vns3/softlayer>cohesive.net/softlayer</a> for details)

CenturyLink Cloud - see the <a href="https://www.centurylinkcloud.com/knowledge-base/ecosystem-partners/getting-started-with-cohesiveft-vns3-partner-template">Knowledge Base </a> steps for launching VNS3

VNS3 products are also ready-to-go in other cloud environments including: VMware, Terremark vCloud Express, CloudSigma, Rackspace, ElasticHosts, Flexiant, InterRoute, Flexiant, Abiquo, Xen, Openstack, Eucalyptus, Citrix, and KVM