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Vectorworks Designer vs its competitors

about 2 years ago

How does Vectorworks Designer software stack up against other design software competitors?

Vendor Responses

Response by Vectorworks Designer

almost 2 years ago

For projects that encompass elements of architecture, landscape and entertainment design, Vectorworks Designer software is the ultimate solution. Packing the power of the entire suite of Vectorworks’ products including Spotlight, Architect and Landmark into one robust program, Designer offers digital terrains, plants, lighting, rigging, BIM modeling and photorealistic and artistic rendering tools to help users draft, model and present in a single interface.

Vectorworks Spotlight is the industry-leading software for entertainment design. With Spotlight, designers in the entertainment industry aren’t limited to light plots or scenic construction plans; they can design anything. Spotlight offers a robust suite of intelligent tools and commands that creates event room layouts.

Vectorworks Architect is the industry’s only BIM modeling, drafting and documentation software built with the design process in mind. As the architect’s BIM tool, the software enables you to tackle complex ideas in 2D and 3D, refine construction details, explore your project’s energy efficiency and streamline costs.

There are a number of purpose-built tools in the Vectorworks Landmark module that offer a tremendous advantage. Vectorworks Landmark is the only stand alone software application that offers integrated 2D/3D building information modeling/site information modeling workflows, specific to landscape architecture and site design. Site models can also accept survey and GIS data from a number of sources to create highly configurable 2D views with contours, flow arrows and slope analysis, as well as accurate 3D models that are great for visualization. Plus, users can create informative irrigation designs with Landmark’s innovative Irrigation tools.

From a cost standpoint, we are competitively-priced for all that we offer in one intuitive interface. In addition to our superior 2D/3D modeling tools that have continued to evolve year after year, the ability to design and document in the same workflow, while having the luxury of interoperability between other products, and our industry-leading and built-in rendering functionality in all software products reinforces this point.

Most importantly, we believe that software shouldn’t inhibit creativity or force a particular workflow. People choose Vectorworks software because it supports the creative process by offering flexibility to achieve a certain outcome. As a result, we have become an internationally respected leader in both design and BIM technologies over the years.