How difficult is it to switch from one marketing automation platform to another?

over 2 years ago

Many factors will determine the level of difficulty. First and foremost, how complex is your current marketing structure? How many decision makers need to get on board? Once the decision is made, the support team at your marketing automation service will analyze the level of difficulty. The greater the number of marketing channels, email contacts and users, the more time it will take to migrate the data. This part with Vbout can be done seamlessly and without any difficulty on your end, as long as there is ease of access to all the components needed. The real challenge comes with the level of customization you would like built into the platform. Vbout has powerful ways that you can adjust a package to meet your needs. If you need white labeling, or if you would like several add-ons, these require additional time to setup. Vbout manages this entire process from beginning to end, which greatly reduces the required effort on your part. The second challenge with switching to a new platform is the learning curve that comes with using any new software. Our typical client receives 3 hours of training and is ready to start. Training on other platforms depends on the complexity of the software, and can go up to as many as 20 or 30 hours.