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Tradeshift Procure-to-Pay Solution

about 2 years ago

Why should I try Tradeshift?

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Response by Tradeshift

about 2 years ago

Tradeshift helps you get paid faster and manage your business with ease, creating a platform for all your business interactions. More and more large buyers are choosing Tradeshift to manage their relationships with suppliers and providing free accounts that make everyones' business life easier.

Free Tradeshift E-invoicing gives you peace of mind around your invoicing process, allowing you to send professional-looking invoices, receive updates on their payment progress and track all the money owed to you in one place. Instead of chasing via email or phone calls, you simply add to a comment thread alongside the document that keeps the correspondence in one place.

Meanwhile other free and paid Tradeshift Apps let you activate other functions like quotes, POs and visualisations of your data or connect your Tradeshift account to other tools like your accounting software.

Tradeshift is the first step toward a smarter, better, network-powered business.