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Current nurture vs. LookBookHQ

almost 2 years ago

I already run nurture programs through my marketing automation platform. How can LookBookHQ help me?

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Response by PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ)

almost 2 years ago

Traditional email nurture programs drip content to your audience on a pre-scheduled cadence; if a prospect clicks on an asset, it’s a ‘one-and-done’ experience until they receive the next email with a new piece of content. With LookBookHQ, your emails link to a content experience with all the assets in your nurture program. This allows your prospects to consume multiple assets at one time, effectively self-nurturing at their own pace and accelerating through both your nurture program and funnel.

Content engagement metrics include data points like number of assets viewed and time spent with asset to provide invaluable insight into your content’s performance to guide your strategy.