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Key Differentiators

over 1 year ago

How does Strikedeck position itself in the Customer Success arena?

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Response by Strikedeck

over 1 year ago

Strikedeck’s strengths include a flexible platform that is easily extensible. Onboarding is swift, and data can be imported via a variety of sophisticated & simple methods, including building an API-based integration in days. Action-oriented triggers automate workflows in seconds, while upsell notifications powered by machine learning increase revenue potential. Predictive analytics that take historical trends into account allow users to proactively prevent churn.

The Key Differentiators:

Quick to Implement & Easy to Use: While other platforms can take months to go live, all while charging implementation costs, Strikedeck will take in data and provide customers with a staging environment within ten days so that they can navigate and operate the platform quickly!

Flexibility & Customization: Strikedeck’s framework is highly customizable, so it's easy to represent any data model that a business uses. Almost every component of the platform, including filters, tabs, dashboards, and graphs, can be customized based on individual requirements and is included in the subscription cost. With other CS platforms, professional services are required for customizations.

Simplified Data Integration: Other CS platforms require you to to push data in a format that the vendor specifies. Strikedeck pulls data in any way that's convenient for the Engineering team via databases, log files, CSV files, APIs, analytics tools, and more. With Strikedeck, CS teams will never need to chase Engineering for a data integration, and can take advantage of a library of over 50+ pre-built connectors.

Automated Workflows: In other CS platforms, workflow is limited to tasks & notifications; Strikedeck employs real automation to free CSMs from repetitive tasks. Strikedeck takes a trigger and action approach, which allows your workflows to be sequenced over a period and launched automatically. Playbooks aren’t static, but rather dynamically action-oriented, and allow your team to standardize best practices across the organization.