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What about Lead Management?

almost 4 years ago

What you do with the Leads you have (Inbound or Outbound) can make or break your business. Lead effectiveness matters.

Vendor Responses

Response by Pipeliner

about 2 years ago

★ You can assign Leads (or let team members grab the Leads they want).

★ Once an Owner takes control and qualifies a Lead, it becomes an Opportunity and progresses through your Sales Stages.

★ You can customize the Sales Stages to match your organization’s Sales Process.

★ When the Deal is closed, Archive it -- Sales Management will always be able to derive insights from a Lead’s journey from beginning to Close.

★ Run reports on these processes, too! (Your sales process = More effective). It’s instantaneous with our ‘New Report’ button.

★ Send messages to anyone on your team directly from a Contact or Account record -- just like the latest team collaboration apps.

★ For every Contact, see the last time you were in touch -- whether an email, a call log, meetings, etc. We’re your virtual assistant.