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About AnswerDash

about 3 years ago

What kind of websites do you help to provide a better customer service experience and how do you do that?

  • predictive Q&A
  • web self service
  • better customer service

Vendor Responses

Response by AnswerDash

over 2 years ago

Our mission is to help every website user on Planet Earth to have the best user experience on any website where they'll have questions. Our research shows that there will always be questions on all websites, no matter how great they are, and unanswered questions are barriers, causing churn, hurting sales, and leading would-be customers to choose your competitor's products or services.

AnswerDash's predictive Q&A engine provides point-and-click help that serves up answers exactly where your visitors are browsing. When they have a question, they just click or tap on the object or AnswerDash tab. AnswerDash provides instant, contextually-sensitive answers to your customers. A traditional knowledge base cannot do this – the customer must navigate away to a knowledge base, interrupting what they are doing, to search for an answer.