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almost 3 years ago

Why should I choose Avangate services?

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Response by 2Checkout

over 2 years ago

Avangate provides Professional eCommerce services for Leading Software Companies, ranging from security and multimedia to business and education, assisting them to successfully sell software online. The main benefits of using the Avangate services are:

Avangate saves time

- The Avangate platform incorporates a complete set of tools for your online sales

- Avangate is already tested and successfully works in many online shops.

- We invoice your clients so you don't have to.

- Receive assistance for implementing the online payment system on your site.

Avangate helps you make more money

- The Avangate Affiliate Network gives you access to a wide online distribution channel for your products

- With the Avangate Web Marketing services you can optimize your site for better sales

- Additional revenue streams from Backup CD and Download Insurance Service

Avangate is safe

- Advanced Antifraud mechanisms screen every order for your peace of mind.

- Avangate assures the guarantee requested by the bank for the payment dispute (chargeback).

- You can protect your software with the Avangate CodeBox.


- You may receive payments from all over the world in several payment methods.

- Avangate offers assistance to your buyers regarding payments by phone or email, 24x7.