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over 2 years ago

What are some of the key features your product offers?

Vendor Responses

Response by OrganizeYourPeople

almost 2 years ago

Some of the key features which are used almost on a daily basis include...

Vacation Request and Approval Workflow

Company Calendar - quickly seeing events and who is out of the office in one centralized location. You can even subscribe to the calendar in outlook or google calendar.

Time Tracking - Easy record your time against a project and submit from approval.

Employee Management - Easily add, update Employees in one central location.

Goals - Set Employee Goals and manage them.

Performance Appraisals - Conduct performance appraisals online.

Learn Management - Setup courses and relevant information and allows employees to request a course and submit for approval.

Approval Process - A central approval dashboard to manage your direct reports approvals.

Company and Employee / Department specific notifications

Reporting and centralized administration.

Mobile friendly.