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over 2 years ago

What are the 8x8 Knowledgebase benefits?

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Response by 8x8

about 2 years ago

- Provide comprehensive answers—Researched, consistent responses with links to additional content means customers get the best answers every time.

- Easily create content—Supervisors can quickly and easily create, edit, arrange, add, delete and manage content.

- Respond to changing conditions—New questions can be added quickly and easily.

- Shorten interaction times—Fast access to the right answers makes it quick and efficient to answer repetitive questions.

- Increase agent productivity—Keyword lookup and preformatted responses deliver the fastest answers to customer questions.

- Train new agents—Supervisors share the same user interface as agents, to help support new and ongoing agent training.

- Provide consistency across channels— Agents use the same tool to find the answers regardless of which channel they are using for their customer interactions.