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Benefits of running Spark Analytics within DataStax Enterprise

about 2 years ago

What benefits do I get by running Spark Analytics within DataStax Enterprise?

Vendor Responses

Response by DataStax

about 2 years ago

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Analytics provide a much easier deployment and integration experience with Spark. Workload isolation capabilities have been extended to Spark analytics, so the real-time, search and analytic workloads/nodes do not compete for data or compute resources. Everything is managed automatically by DSE without user intervention. It also comes with built-in security and high availability for Spark Master.

Another great benefit of DataStax Enterprise is that it eliminates the need for complex extract-transform-load (ETL) operations normally needed to move data from real-time systems to analytic databases or data warehouses. Instead, data is transparently and automatically replicated among real-time and analytic nodes; no developer or administrator work is necessary.

In-memory Spark analytics can be combined with DSE’s in-memory OLTP option, providing a full in-memory solution for OLTP + analytics.

We also test and certify Spark + Apache Cassandra™ versions (DSE only) for up to 1,000 nodes in a cluster.

Lastly, having one integrated database for transactional work, analytics, and enterprise search makes for a much more productive environment for operations personnel and easier development experience for developers.