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over 1 year ago

How is StackAdapt different from other DSPs?

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Response by StackAdapt

over 1 year ago

StackAdapt is not just an advertising platform, the software aims to solve brands’ biggest pain point – customer acquisition. In today’s saturated market, it’s difficult enough to capture people’ attention, let alone convert them into customers. The StackAdapt platform is built with a strong performance-driven philosophy powered by the most bleeding edge machine-learning and data-intelligence capabilities. Every feature, function and technology behind the product has been designed in a way that allow users to reach their campaign objectives.


The StackAdapt platform is fully self-serve through an intuitive user experience. Users can set, adjust and improve their campaign parameters easily and in real time.

Scale & Precision

StackAdapt equips every campaign with a thorough feedback loop driven by data-intelligence. Building on a third-party data pool, the platform gathers data in real-time to maximize precision. They offer a range of targeting capabilities that will deliver your ads to the most ideal audience.


StackAdapt provides users with the highest quality technology through their platform and service. In addition to running anti-fraud detection programs, they deliver human oversight on everything passing through the platform from domain auditing to campaign assets verification.


StackAdapt has a team of digital savvy Account Executives and Customer Success Managers who consult their clients to ensure that each campaign is set up strategically and ultimately, contributes to your brands’ long-term marketing strategies.

StackAdapt enables goal-based campaign setups where all engagement and conversions are tracked. Users can also utilize retargeting functions when running a conversion campaign.