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Can I Use One Token To Log Into Accounts With Different Usernames?

over 2 years ago

I have a setup with different user names across accounts and want to be able to access all of them through AuthAnvil. Is this possible?

Vendor Responses

Response by AuthAnvil

about 2 years ago

If you have accounts on different systems with different usernames, such as

Standard User: fred on one (which the token is assigned to).

Standard User: fredf on another.

Standard User: fred@slateco.com on a third.

You can use the same token to log into all 3 accounts. Simply create a grouped user in AuthAnvil to act as an alias for each of the extra accounts, then add your standard user to all of the grouped users. This will allow you to log on using any of those usernames with your regular AuthAnvil passcode.