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over 1 year ago

What are some of the security features that can be leveraged in ChangeGear

to create a secure environment?

Vendor Responses

Response by SunView ChangeGear

over 1 year ago

Secure Sessions

• Windows Integrated Authentication for logins, including support for Microsoft ADFS.

• Login page can be customized to fit corporate security requirements.

• All access attempts, including failed login attempts are captured in the session audit trail table.

• Support for a user to securely reset their own ChangeGear password.

• An option to use ChangeGear Authentication for external vendor access, or where AD/LDAP integration is not an option.

Auditing and Logging

• All edits to system tickets and resources are logged.

• User that last modified an item is easily viewed in the system.

• Deletes are logical, permitting review before purging.

Workflow Security

• The state of an item and the role/team of a user can dictate the Actions they may perform.

• The state of an item can control the visibility and editability of a given item or field.

Guest role can be used to make certain features publicly available.

• Support for Digital Signature on workflow actions like Approval.

Team/Organization Segregation

• Team security flexibly allows users to play different roles with respect to tickets/items their

team owns.

• Organizational separation permits staff members to serve isolated groups of end-users

(for example for an MSP).

• Visibility of items based on roles and teams.

Secure Communication

• Web app support SSL (HTTPS).

• Secure communication into and out of the ChangeGear server (from Desktop Client, Web App, and RDE can be

encrypted on the wire).


• Best practices for application development and design followed to avoid remote code execution, SQL Injection, Format

string vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting (XSS), and others.