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Why is chargeback processing easier with EPX?

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EPX’s online chargeback reporting eliminates paper and instantly matches the chargeback to the original transaction. This tool dramatically reduces the amount of time you will spend responding to and disputing chargebacks. Chargeback statuses can be viewed by anyone who has access to that merchant, including the franchise owner with multiple locations or the corporate office. webSuite also provides e-mail notifications to ensure that the proper employees are aware that they need to review an item. When you review the chargeback it will already be linked to the authorization. If you are using Signature Capture, the signature will also available. If a copy of an invoice or other documentation is required, you can easily upload the documentation into the chargeback tool for presentation to the card associations.

We are your advocate throughout the dispute process. Our expert staff works directly with you to navigate you through the dispute process in an effort to ensure you recoup every dollar possible. We will work with you, or in cases that allow, even work for you, to respond to and dispute chargebacks. In the event a chargeback is initiated that is obviously out of compliance based on the chargeback rules dictated by the Associations, our staff will immediately respond to that event on your behalf and notify you via EPX webSuite for your records.