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about 1 year ago

What's your approach to adoption and reinforcement?

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about 1 year ago

The fact that you’re reading this answer means you are in the right mindset to drive a successful sales initiative! What good is a sales initiative if it isn’t adopted and reinforced?

Adoption is the cornerstone of our learning philosophy and consists of five integrated disciplines: Priority, Relevance, Integration, Measurement and Reinforcement.

Priority is achieved through leadership involvement, commitment to participating and “leading from the front” throughout the development, delivery and sustainment processes. Priority also includes leadership commitment to the enforcement, inspection and reinforcement of the training concepts and best practices.

Relevance is achieved by tailoring the curriculum to reflect the real-world selling situations that the sales organization encounters on a day-to-day basis. The sales tools and processes must be specific and “sales consumable” if they are to be perceived by sales reps and/or sales management as a mechanism for enhancing productivity. Our adoption methodology achieves relevancy through the insights and content gathered during the Discovery and Workshop stages.

Integration is achieved through the inclusion of the training concepts and best practices of the existing tools and technology used to support the sales organization. Integration also includes expanding the footprint of the transformational initiative, along with the language and tools, to include other organizations within the company (e.g., Marketing, Product Development).

Measurement is achieved by tying the results of the training program to the key performance indicators of the sales organization. As an integral part of our Adoption Methodology, we co-develop and periodically co-measure key performance indicators through a scorecard system.

Reinforcement is achieved primarily through the behavior of front-line managers. Our Adoption Methodology promotes reinforcement by:

• Gaining widespread management involvement throughout the project

• Providing sales managers with “coaching playbooks” that define desired behaviors to be inspected and red flags to remediate

• Ensuring that sales managers “lead from the front” by speaking a common sales language and managing via common processes