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11 months ago

How do you measure success of an engagement?

Vendor Responses

Response by Force Management

11 months ago

We assess benchmarks throughout the initiative in order to set our clients up for the greatest ROI. We’ve outlined the major measures below:


• Executive support and participation

• Timely completion of workplan activities

• Timely deliverable reviews & approvals

• Completion of pre-work assignments

Leading Indicators

• Course evaluations | Adoption surveys

• Completion of “commitments to action”

• Success stories

• Management reinforcement

Operational Metrics (1 - 2x average sales cycle)

• Average deal size

• Annual Contract Value


• Average sales cycle

• Win rates

• Pipeline health

• Revenue forecasting accuracy

• Time to productivity

Financial Metrics (2 - 4x average sales cycle)

• Revenue per sales rep

• Margin

• Cost of sales

• Quota attainment

• Customer renewal rates

Engagement ROI

• Cost vs. incremental sales revenue