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Client Engagements

about 1 year ago

How do you measure success of an engagement?

Vendor Responses

Response by Force Management

about 1 year ago

We assess benchmarks throughout the initiative in order to set our clients up for the greatest ROI. We’ve outlined the major measures below:


• Executive support and participation

• Timely completion of workplan activities

• Timely deliverable reviews & approvals

• Completion of pre-work assignments

Leading Indicators

• Course evaluations | Adoption surveys

• Completion of “commitments to action”

• Success stories

• Management reinforcement

Operational Metrics (1 - 2x average sales cycle)

• Average deal size

• Annual Contract Value


• Average sales cycle

• Win rates

• Pipeline health

• Revenue forecasting accuracy

• Time to productivity

Financial Metrics (2 - 4x average sales cycle)

• Revenue per sales rep

• Margin

• Cost of sales

• Quota attainment

• Customer renewal rates

Engagement ROI

• Cost vs. incremental sales revenue