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almost 2 years ago

How can I Sync my Google Contacts to Agile & vice versa?

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Response by Agile CRM

almost 2 years ago

We understand that you want to sync your Google contacts to Agile & vice versa. Please read below:

Google to Agile:

Only contacts with email addresses will be synced.

Agile by default syncs the contacts from the "My contacts" folder, please verify your Gmail contacts location and move them to "My contacts" group.

Contacts already in Agile with the same email address will be merged.

The contacts will not be synced if the label name contains any special characters and starts with a number.

Please verify the steps as noted above and it should work, if it still does not, please send the screenshot from your Gmail contacts tab to support@agilecrm.com

All the contacts groups may be fund at: https://www.google.com/contacts/u/0/?cplus=1#contacts

Agile to Google:

Contacts will be synced to a group named "Agile" in Google contacts Group.

Contacts will be synced to Google as per the sync settings you selected in Preferences > Data Sync.