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Daminion Server across multiple offices

almost 3 years ago

How do I set up Daminion Server when I’m working across multiple offices?

Vendor Responses

Response by Daminion

about 2 years ago

First of all you need to arrange a VPN connection between your offices.

There are different (software and hardware) ways to arrange this:


- Download and install Daminion Server on your main office, where your documents are located

- Install Daminion Client on a client computer (in your main or remote office), launch it and go to the main menu:

File > Open Shared Catalog. Press the 'Add Daminion Server' button and type in the IP address of the computer with Daminion Server installed on it.

This IP will be different for the computers in your main office and those in your other offices. Please consult with your system administrator.

- Repeat the preceding step on all other clients. Please note that you only need to install Daminion Client once. All further client software updates will be automatic.

The preceding steps will enable you to start working with Daminion Server across multiple office locations; however, you can drastically increase the speed of viewing and accessing original images by doing the following:

- Use DFS (Distributed File System) to replicate files and folders between offices.

The replicated folder MUST be stored in the same location on all replicated computers.

This allows you to make copies of your file server content in all offices.

- Launch Daminion Client, connect to your Daminion Server as admin, and go to the main menu:

Catalog > Replication Settings, and then check the appropriate box to choose a group of users that can take advantage of this option.

From this point on, whenever a user on a remote computer double clicks on a photo in his Daminion Client it will open the local file rather than downloading it from another office.