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about 1 year ago

What happens if we lose the Internet connection or your server crashes? Is the data backed up?

Vendor Responses

Response by Silent Auction Pro

about 1 year ago

With respect to the integrity of our servers, we have two servers and databases running in a master/slave configuration running on separate networks. Every transaction in the master is immediately replicated on the slave. We have automated systems in place - both internal and external - that constantly monitor the server and database health, and that will take corrective action if an issue is found. Obviously our technical support staff is also notified should this occur. If one server or database fails the system is designed to notify us and automatically fail-over to the back-up server / database.

We also do two daily back-ups of the entire database that are stored in a completely separate server / repository.

The other side of this is the Internet connection at your end. For obvious reasons we recommend that you verify the connection before hand and ideally have a systems / IT person on call in case you have a problem. We also recommend you have a back-up Internet connection option. This is very easy to do using a MiFi network running through a personal cell phone. Silent Auction Pro uses very little bandwidth and an entire event could easily be run through a MiFi cellular connection.

It is worth pointing out that if you have your data on a standalone machine, that machine could crash and you could lose all the data at any time. It also could get stolen, dropped, a glass of wine spilled on the keyboard, etc. The fact that Silent Auction Pro is running through the Internet and that you can access your data from any machine connected to the Internet and that it is backed up daily and also replicated on a separate server in our opinion makes it a much safer solution not to mention more flexible and convenient.