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Data Security

almost 3 years ago

How Does Data Security Work?

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Response by Infor CRM

over 2 years ago

Data security is based on account (company) ownership. Public accounts can be owned by an individual user, a team of users, or everyone. Departments cannot own an account.

Personal contacts are private. If the Add Personal Contacts option is enabled in a user's security profile, the user can create personal contacts in the Infor CRM Client. An account is automatically created using the contact name (lastname, first). The account is owned by the user who enters the contact. In the owner field the user’s name displays as "username(PR)". Personal accounts/contacts can be made public by assigning ownership to another user or a team. Public accounts/contacts cannot be made personal.

A user’s access to data can be controlled at the table or field level. A user can have different access rights as an individual owner of accounts and as a member of a team who owns an account. For example, a user who owns an account as an individual has full access rights to all tables and fields, but as a member of a team, when accessing accounts owned by the team, might be limited to view-only rights.