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Does it really make sense to take the sales team out of the field for role-play sessions?

over 2 years ago

My sales team is in 5 different time zones and they have calls scheduled throughout the work day. Getting them all on the phone once or twice a month for a role-playing session is difficult to do and to explain -- leadership wants increased selling time, not more meetings.

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Response by SharperAx

over 2 years ago

We're seeing customers having success with a cadence of 1/2-hour story workshops where they review and discuss the top 2 - 3 versions from the team of that week's story. It takes less time and is less stressful than a live role-play session because the stories have already been practiced, recorded and shared.

It is also a very high-leverage use of sales reps time - getting on-message and having compelling anecdotes, facts and stories ready to go - will make all their sales calls better and is the best way to increase your teams close rates.