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Does Powertrak support various manufacturing and distribution styles (such as ATO, CTO and ETO)?

over 3 years ago

Yes! In today’s competitive marketplace, it takes more to attract and keep the interest of dealers, contractors, consultants, and customers. Simplistic and archaic ordering tools are not providing enough competitive value. Manufacturers that fully support its channel with time saving, advanced web tools with rules and configuration intelligence, gives them an increased chance to succeed by selling more, faster, and easier.

Our guided selling standard product configurator is ideal for manufacturers that sell make-to-order, build-to-order, assemble-to-order, and configure-to-order products. At its core, Powertrak helps sales teams assemble and bundle products with cross-product configuration, discounting rules, margin mark-up, and up-sell opportunities.

But what separates us from other CPQ products is our interactive and visual product configurator feature. Combining visual 2D/3D renderings with drag-and-drop/placement (interactivity) empowers manufacturers to provide an enhanced user experience for its partners, dealers, and customers to visually custom design, quote, and buy its products.

Where we are NOT a good fit is for businesses that require a configurator for engineer-to-order products.