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Editing Surveys

almost 3 years ago

Can I edit a live survey that is currently being taken?

Vendor Responses

Response by Qualtrics Research Core

over 2 years ago

Yes, but there are a couple considerations:

-Who will see the changes?

Only those who have not yet started the survey will see the new changes. Anyone who started the survey prior to your changes will see the original survey, not the updated one.

- What kinds of changes are okay?

Superficial text edits are fine (e.g., fixing a typo or changing the font), as are adding questions or answer options. However, deleting questions or answer options can harm previously collected data. We recommend never deleting answer choice options or questions (unless you are 100% positive that you will not ever need any of the collected data associated with those answer choice options or questions). Instead, we recommend hiding unwanted questions and answer options with Display Logic.