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about 2 years ago

What kind of features does Bridgit Closeout have?

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Response by Bridgit

about 2 years ago

Bridgit Closeout has many different features. The photo mark-up tool helps subcontractors better understand the task they've been assigned and sends them automated daily and/or weekly emails to update them on new or outstanding tasks. Bridgit Closeout also lets users create PDF reports for weekly meetings and for distributing to subcontractors on-site. Excel reports are also provided and can be used for more detailed project analysis, financials and record keeping. Another feature of Bridgit Closeout is advanced filtering which combines a series of filters to see exactly what you're looking for (subcontractor, location, due date and much more). Finally, the Bridgit Closeout mobile app is designed specifically for use in the field - it's fast to use and easy to learn.