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over 1 year ago

What are the main features included in Primalogik 360?

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Response by Primalogik 360

over 1 year ago

Here's a list of the main features included in the platform:

* 360-degree feedback - They provide a wider and fairer view of your employees performance by incorporating confidential feedback from coworkers, subordinates, peers and supervisors.

* Performance appraisals - A great way of aligning organizational goals and employee objectives. They are also a great tool to use in your employee's professional development plan.

* Goals Tracking - Goals, objectives and OKRs help everyone stay focused on personal, professional, business and organizational priorities.

* Engagement Surveys - Primalogik 360 helps you learn from your employees by measuring employee engagement with regular polls. You could also use this module to help organize office parties and any other social events; all within the same interface.

* Continuous Feedback - Includes an Employee Journal where managers can keep a journal of thoughts, feedback, notes or anything else they want to remember when performance appraisals are due. It also includes an Instant Feedback option to allow anyone to send quick feedback to others.

* People Directory - Easy access to up-to-date contact information for everyone in the organization.