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    Features included in GreenRope

    11 months ago

    Which features are included with every GreenRope account?

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    Response by GreenRope

    11 months ago

    GreenRope is a complete CRM, designed to be your business operating system. We organize our features into three areas, but all are included in every account.


    - Customer relationship management (CRM) including contact and account-based tracking

    - Unlimited user-defined data fields

    - Opportunity management with custom sales paths

    - Digital document signing

    - Sales automation with custom workflows and triggered events

    - Click-to-call, inbound call handling, call recording, transcription, SMS, and MMS all automatically integrated with the contact record

    - Lead scoring (demographic and activity-driven)

    - Quotes and invoicing

    - Comprehensive reporting and funnel, with quotas and forecasting

    - Gamification-based leaderboard for sales and support activities


    - Marketing automation with omnichannel listening and sending

    - Email marketing with our drag-and-drop EasyBuilder

    - Landing pages with drag-and-drop construction and built-in signup forms with auto-responders

    - Social media listening and automation / alerts

    - Surveys with scoring and automation

    - Easy-to-use campaign optimizer that tests different versions automatically and sends the winner to the majority of your audience

    - Web analytics tools that include custom lead scoring, detailed campaign tracking, and behavioral analysis

    - Campaign performance and conversion analysis tools that show you who your best leads are and why


    - Project management with support for Gantt, agile, and Kanban, including hour tracking and invoicing integration

    - Event management for managing large events with ticketing, registration, and payments, all connected to our CRM and marketing automation engine

    - Calendaring for integration with personal calendars, including a built-in appointment booking system

    - Knowledge base management through a collaborative wiki

    - Realtime collaboration within groups through conversational chat

    - Learning management system that tracks progress directly in your CRM

    - Support ticketing and case management system, also linked directly to the CRM and marketing automation functions


    - All forms include free reputation tracking and data appending for everyone who fills them out

    - Build as many websites and e-commerce pages as you like

    - Unlimited use of the built-in API

    - Pricing is per-contact, not per-user so you don't have to worry about sharing logins

    - All plans include our global business hours top-rated support via email, live chat, or phone

    - Support for 26 languages and currencies