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Finding Answers

over 2 years ago

How does Inbenta find answers?

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Response by Inbenta

about 2 years ago

Inbenta has an unbeatable self-service rate thanks to its Natural-Language-based Semantic Search Engine, which can match unstructured, wrongly-typed, ambiguous, intention-narrowed user search queries with structured, specific, concise FAQ titles so the customers of our customers find the information they want quickly and easily, in an unprecedented way.

One of the biggest challenges in Natural Language Processing is how to deal with ambiguity that is a main characteristic of a natural language.

For example, consider the phrase "run a test". The word "run" frequently refers to the act of running; it's only because of this particular context that it means something like "perform". The difference is obvious to a person familiar with English, but not to a computer.

And even if a computer is able to analyze the syntax of a phrase like "run a test", it still won't be able to see any difference between that phrase and the phrase "run a race"- but the meanings of these two phrases is totally different!

That's why Inbenta's Semantic Search takes the analysis further by analyzing the contextual meaning of words, allowing it to choose the best definition of the word "run" even when the syntax and the word itself are the same.