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GamEffective Overview

over 2 years ago

Can I get an overview of GamEffective?

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over 2 years ago

>>> Real Time Performance Metrics

Managing performance and learning begins by setting performance goals or learning goals. GamEffective tracks real time data from enterprise apps – the relevant KPIs for the employees – and shows them to employees in real time. This gives employees a running snapshot of their performance (as well as past performance) to keep them focused. It transforms performance through awareness and real-time feedback – a “fitness tracker” for work. Game elements increase motivation and focus.

Managers can easily select KPIs and weight them, creating an overall score and showing employees what the score is made of and how they are performing on each metric/KPI versus their targets, their past performance, their peers and more.

>>> Coach to Success

GamEffective is the only enterprise gamification platform that pulls data from several apps at once – creating a better and more profound approach to gamification. Sometimes several enterprise apps connect to the system – an ERP or CRM and a knowledge collaboration system, for instance.

In many cases, the most interesting integration is with learning systems. Is the employee performing poorly on a certain metric? We can recommend a next-best-action that is based on learning, reward contributions to knowledge management or suggest better actions that end up creating new work habits.

>>> Real Gamification

We’re pioneers in using more than just points and leaderboards in performance gamification. We can ask employees to level up, give kudos to other employees, go through simulations and quizzes, predict their performance, recognize “green” and “red” days. In fact, we’ve been recognized as the number 1 enterprise gamification platform as a result of this depth and power.

We don’t advise using the same game mechanics for everyone. Competition can work for some; other employees should work against their personal benchmarks. Similarly, we use completion game mechanics for learning. Our success team helps you choose the right mechanics for you.

>>> Leaderboards any way you like them

Our platform works on mobile, TV and the web. This same flexibility applies to leaderboards: they can be anonymized (me vs my past performance or benchmark), show similar employees, work by role, relative performance and more and set individual or team challenges – which sometimes results in a better response.

>>> Any Integration. We mean it

We lead the market in the number of integrations we support – with learning management systems, knowledge collaboration, CRM, service platforms – you name it. Doing this, we give you the freedom to focus on the behavior and performance changes you want to drive with gamification. You don’t have to worry about coding, heavy IT lifting or long project cycles.

>>> Social & challenges

Long term gamification success is about social proof (doing what others do), recognition and collaboration. Our social feed supports this well. Our challenges let employees see how well they’ve done in the past, and what they can do in the future.

>>> Communication

Gamification is an ideal way of communicating expectations about goals and even culture. Additionally, our platform has its own notification mechanisms, reminding employees about the game they’re in and ensuring they are 100% engaged and that your gamification project is a success.