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Getting Started

over 1 year ago

How can I get started with FullContact's APIs?

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Response by FullContact APIs

over 1 year ago

To get started, head to our Developer Docs for a resourceful overview of our API services. We also have a Getting Started guide here. First, fill out your information here.

You’ll receive an email from our team with your key to begin querying. To check your account, you’ll use our Developer Portal.

That being said, what can you expect with a free API key? From our Pricing page, you can expect the following:

With your free key, you’ll be to make 250 matches per month along with making 60 total requests in any given minute. While testing our API services with your free key, keep in mind that you won’t be able to retain any data that FullContact provides.

You’ll find examples for how to query Person, Company, Card Reader, Email, and Name API directly in the Developer Docs. For testing purposes, you’ll find examples of what to query for free, i.e. data that will not count against your monthly limit.


Via Person API, you can use bart@fullcontact.com in the following URL to get a better idea of the data that can be returned:


Via Company API, you can use fullcontact.com in the following URL to get a better idea of Company data that can be returned:


Simply replace the ‘xxxx’ at the end of the URL with your key. That being said, in addition to pasting your API call directly into your browser, you or your developers can use our live API console to make a test query against one of our endpoints.

Lastly, you’ll want to get familiar with Response Codes, as displayed below:

All successful responses (except for Company API) are returned in JSON, XML, HTML or vCard, depending on the response format you request. Only queries that respond with a 200 response code (successfully completed) are counted towards monthly allowances.