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over 1 year ago

PandaDoc for eSignatures

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over 1 year ago

Save time and boost your productivity with PandaDoc’s flexible electronic signing functionality. Now you can send documents and get your deals signed faster from anywhere and on any device.

Secure and Legally Binding

PandaDoc’s eSignatures are secure and legally binding. They are compliant with both UETA and the Federal ESIGN Act, in addition to being recognized by many countries worldwide.

Any Browser or Mobile Device

PandaDoc’s cloud-based documents allow for seamless access and excellent experience across all browsers and devices. Don’t wait until you’re back in the office to sign. Do it from wherever you are, anytime.

Signing Order

Specify a custom signing order for multiple recipients, to sequence the document delivery accordingly. PandaDoc will keep you updated, notifying you about any changes in the status of your sent document.

Document and Signature Forwarding

Allow signers to forward your document for signatures from decision makers or others within their organization. They can also forward completed documents to others.