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    Have You Found A Solution To Replace Your Intuit Desktop Sharing?

    about 4 years ago

    As you are most likely aware by now, Intuit is discontinuing their desktop sharing resource in January. For many accountants, bookkeepers and end user clients, this has created some anxiety as they research different collaboration options rather than make the move to QuickBooks online.

    The good news is that there are other desktop sharing vendors that will still be available so if you want to continue with the same type of resource, you can simply find another provider to work with. Otherwise, you will have to choose between one of various other resources including traditional file sharing, cloud hosting and other cloud based software solutions.

    If you would like an alternative to desktop sharing that allows you to access your client's QuickBooks file even if their computer is completely shut down and does not require them to surrender their computer during the day, you will want to check out Qbox. With Qbox, you are also not subject to slow downs related to you/your client's internet speed.

    With Q Box, accountants and their client’s continue to use the same desktop version of QuickBooks. However, using Q Box, they have a locally hosted copy of the file that is continually synchronized with their remote client’s copy. In other words, no more sending QBW files back and forth, no more screen sharing, no expensive cloud hosting and no more downloading/uploading of QuickBooks files.

    Visit our website at https://qbox.coraltreetech.com to learn more about this collaboration alternative.

    We look forward to helping you simplify the transition process.

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