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How can I control usage and distribution of my assets in Cumulus?

about 4 years ago

We want to see how Cumulus can lock down who has access to view and download certain files based on rules and logic.

Vendor Responses

Response by Cumulus

over 2 years ago

In Cumulus you can manage distribution of your valuable digital content to control versions and adhere to branding guidelines.

Cumulus lets you define roles and permissions to ensure appropriate privacy – thus denying and granting access to files based on rules you set. Check-in and checkout files. Add comments to document changes. Edit, process and add overlays and watermarks to images on-demand.

You can select which files to publish, share and expire, or let Cumulus decide based on metadata values, such as approval status, embargo and expiration dates. Manage version histories, use the compare mode to find hard to track changes and take advantage of roll back version options.