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How do you make sure you are successful with Marketing Automation?

over 2 years ago

How do you make sure you are successful with Marketing Automation?

Vendor Responses

Response by Salesfusion

about 2 years ago

1. Include the right people in the decision. Marketing automation is meant to help your business grow revenue by helping you capture, track communicate with and prioritize prospects. With that in mind, a successful marketing automation implementation includes the sales team in the process. Not only should sales be part of the decision to implement, they should have input on deciding which platform is right as it will be essential to success to integrate with CRM. Additionally, IT should be part of the conversation to help navigate the technical side of implementation.

2. Choose the right vendor. To properly evaluate vendors, be sure to create a complete list of requirements, define your goals, take a look at peer and analyst reviews and understand the services and capabilities of each provider.

3. Get the right support. Service and support from your vendor are just as important as the product. If you are new to marketing automation, you should be looking for a vendor that isn't just going to teach you where to click but how to most effectively use the platform to achieve your goals. Being able to call, chat or email your vendor's support line is important but you should also be appointed a single point of contact to help you along the journey.

4. Get educated. Because every solution is different and continues to make advances, make sure you and your team get properly trained to make the most of the system. Make sure you understand the process for onboarding and continual support.

5. Pick a solution that can grow with you. Be sure to clearly outline the future state of your business and ask the vendor how they will help you get there. If you are new to marketing automation, you should consider approaching it with a crawl, walk, run strategy. Work with the vendor to take incremental steps to take advantage of marketing automation benefits at a pace that is appropriate for your business.