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How does Brandfolder outperform other DAMs?

over 2 years ago

What sets Brandfolder apart?

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Response by Brandfolder

over 2 years ago

Brandfolder was built by creatives, for creatives. We set ourselves apart by providing a visually elegant platform that is easy to use. We've successfully helped marketers and creatives at awesome companies (Slack, OpenTable, Under Armour) to better store, share, and showcase their digital assets. We strive to understand our user base and rigorously view everything tied to our product through one lens: simplicity. We want users to intuitively understand and gain value from Brandfolder, right from the get go.

We're also very easy to implement - in fact, G2 Crowd just gave us top honors in their September 2016 Implementation Index. To learn more, visit: http://info.brandfolder.com/g2-index/