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How does email integration work with Bullhorn CRM?

over 3 years ago

Bullhorn integrates with third-party email products: Google Apps for Business (Gmail), Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365.

Bullhorn also passively tracks all emails, inbound and outbound, between a company and a contact (patented).

Bullhorn has an email gadget that allows users to take action from their inbox - one-click access to Bullhorn records from your email.

Calendar appointments that a user sends to a contact from Bullhorn are automatically tracked against the contact's Bullhorn record

Vendor Responses

Response by Bullhorn CRM

over 2 years ago

Bullhorn has a multi-pronged approach to reporting:

Standard Reporting Suite: Measure activity, effectiveness, and efficiency of individual users and team performance.

List/Query Reporting: Ability to build lists and queries, configure data columns, save searches and export data.

Embedded Insight: Analytics and Business Intelligence are native within the Bullhorn application. There is no need to run a report or view a dashboard to obtain this information.

Ad Hoc Reporting: You are able to build robust, custom reports against client data, specific to your needs.