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How does Email sending work in the system?

about 3 years ago

Can the system support email sending? Is there a place within CampaignDrive to monitor activity on emails once they are sent?

Can the system be connected to a third-party Email Service Provider (ESP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

Vendor Responses

Response by CampaignDrive

about 2 years ago

When it comes to sending local marketing emails, CampaignDrive is flexible to the needs of your organization. You can use our standard features, or integrate with your own Email Service Provider (ESP) depending on your situation.

CampaignDrive comes fully standard with email customization and sending capabilities. These include the ability to manage and distribute customer data and lists, send emails through the system, and track email response data with a comprehensive Email Marketing Dashboard.

If you have an existing relationship with an ESP or CRM, CampaignDrive can be integrated with those external tools for customer data, sending and reporting. Consultation is needed in these cases to determine the scope of the desired integration.