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How does it work??

almost 3 years ago

Tell more about it.

Vendor Responses

Response by Triggmine

almost 2 years ago

TriggMine analyzes the cart’s condition of your online store, once the customer leaves without placing an order, the service will automatically send an e-mail with a reminder to complete a purchase.

It’s possible to add a gift or a discount to motivate the visitor to return back, or to offer assistance in order to help with the order.

This kind of e-mails return on an average 20-30% of clients, your store will get additional sales and loyal customers accordantly.

Basic version of the service allows sending e-mails after the purchase as well as “thank you” emails, asking to leave a review, provide a discount on the next purchase or notify on updates.

It enables more effective working environment with your loyal customers and generates more sales.