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How does Kaspersky work?

over 2 years ago

What are your principles of cooperation with governments and law enforcement agencies?

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Response by Kaspersky

over 2 years ago

As a private company we have no political ties to any government but are proud to collaborate with the authorities of many countries and international law enforcement agencies in fighting cybercrime. We work with the authorities in the best interests of international cybersecurity, providing technical consultations or expert analysis of malicious programs, in compliance with court orders or during investigations.

Other cybersecurity vendors do the same. Without the expertise of security professionals, successful law enforcement operations would be an unattainable dream. When cybercrime cases are domestic, IT security companies work with their law enforcement agencies to assist in investigations. When they are international, they work with the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the affected countries to abide by legal policies and federal jurisdictions. This cooperation is crucial in fighting cybercrime worldwide.

We work together with the global IT security community, international organizations, national and regional law enforcement agencies (e.g. INTERPOL, Europol, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, The National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the Netherlands’ Police Agency and The City of London Police), as well as Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) worldwide. During investigations, Kaspersky Lab’s security experts provide technical expertise only and focus their research on analyzing malware. The company applies the same methodologies and principles to discovery and analysis as it does to commercially-motivated malware.

In October 2014, Kaspersky Lab and Europol signed a memorandum of understanding, which paves the way for closer cooperation between the two organizations. Moreover, Kaspersky Lab has supported INTERPOL’s launch of the Digital Crime Center at the Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore, which is responsible for carrying out the technical part of INTERPOL’s investigations into cyber-incidents with its products and intelligence.

We also hold special training courses for international police forces, as well as for INTERPOL and Europol officers on a regular basis.