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    How does Pre-Hire 360 differ from other tools used in the hiring process?

    over 2 years ago

    There are a variety of employment tests used to evaluate an applicant’s skills, competencies and personality traits. Unfortunately most of them pose significant challenges. First, applicants take the test themselves, and with the advent of most tests now being done online, one must hope that the applicant is not getting any help from a friend or even the Internet, where the answers might be posted. Second, most tests allow the applicant to judge their own skills and behaviors. There are even more challenges including bias and adverse-impact, yet these first two challenges are unavoidable for you if you use a test in your hiring process. SkillSurvey built Pre-Hire 360® to allow others to offer their points-of-view on a job applicant.

    Specifically, Pre-Hire 360® allows you to obtain and manage job-specific feedback from a candidate’s former managers, co-workers and direct reports. This insight is obtained confidentially, typically in less than two days, and when the data has been utilized by a company, has been scientifically validated to be more predictive than traditional “self” assessments.