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How does TriNet differentiate themselves against their competitors?

almost 3 years ago

What makes TriNet different from its competitors?

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Response by TriNet

over 2 years ago

TriNet allows small companies to offer employees comprehensive, multidimensional benefits that are typically only available to larger organizations. It eliminates the usual clauses, conditions, and waiting periods by offering immediate coverage.

TriNet's outsourcing solution is 100% paperless, which eliminates the need to do time-consuming paperwork and manual tasks. W-2s, benefits funding, open enrollment, PTO, and onboarding are all online and completely integrated with external vendors and service providers.

TriNet has the highest service levels in the industry with a network of experienced and credentialed HR professionals and legal experts. TriNet is completely transparency with the case management process.

As companies grow, human capital needs expand and become more complex. TriNet's Strategic Services provide guidance around talent acquisition, employee performance, compensation alignment, leadership development, and more.